David Sheppard MFHT MAR BTEC 6 Clinical, Sports Masseur & Reflexologist

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This type of massage is found in various forms in many ancient healing traditions. Reflexology works ‘reflex points’ on the feet which correspond to different parts or systems within the body. This complementary therapy is non-invasive, however it is deeply relaxing, can aid the body's own healing processes and allow you to achieve a deep sense of well-being.



Clinical Massage :

Clinical Massage draws on a variety of techniques in order to achieve a specific outcome ie: to eliminate or significantly reduce long-term pain.  Deep Tissue, Hot/Cold Stones, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Sports Stretching are all used. Many of the techniques are similar to sports massage, however they are used in a specific way to avoid causing pain. There is also an emphasis on self care, with the therapist guiding

the client in order to speed up recovery.



Hot Stone Massage:

A deeply relaxing treatment, where heated stones are used to melt tissue adhesions - areas which restrict movement. All treatments with David will include an element of Hot Stones as they are a very useful clinical tool, but they are also just really nice to experience. 



Clinical Massage:

£45 (first treatment 75 minutes, subsequent treaments 60 minutes)

£60 for full body MOT (90 minutes)

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£40 for first treatment

£35 for subsequent treatments (60 minutes)


(Pricing accurate for visits to my home studio)

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