David Sheppard MFHT MAR BTEC 6 Clinical, Sports Masseur & Reflexologist

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This type of massage is found in various forms in many ancient healing traditions. Reflexology works ‘reflex points’ on the foot which correspond to different parts or systems within the body. This complementary therapy is non-invasive, however it is deeply relaxing, can aid the body's own healing processes and allow you to achieve a deep sense of well-being.



Clinical Massage (Deep Tissue, Remedial, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release):

Clinical Massage draws on a variety of techniques in order to achieve a specific outcome ie: to eliminate or significantly reduce long-term pain. Many of the techniques are similar to sports massage, however they are used in a gentle way to avoid causing pain. There is also an emphasis on self care, with the therapist guiding

the client in order to speed up recovery.



Holistic Massage:

A relaxing and uplifting massage, using swedish  techniques. A full body treatment will give you a feeling of wholeness, and a sense of physical and mental integration.



Head and Face Massage:

This massage works energy lines in the head which run throughout the body, and relate to both Reflexology and Thai Massage. Gently working on these energy lines with light finger and thumb pressure, and circling movements around head, neck and jawline you will feel tensions ease and your frown begin to dissipate.




A very popular massage, using a variety of moderate pressure, flowing strokes and gentle percussive techniques. The shoulders, neck and back often carry the weight of the world, so massaging this area can relieve both physical and mental stresses.




Leg Massage:

Gravity can take its toll on the body, and a lot of people suffer with oedema (swelling), stiffness, aching and limited joint mobility. Using long flowing massage strokes, some deeper tissue pressure (where appropriate), and swedish style percussion (again where appropriate) a great deal of relief from aches can be felt with this massage.



Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage:

lady receiving relaxing massage man enjoying head massage deep tissue massage man receing back shoulder and neck massage Reflexology on foot

Clinical Massage:

£45 for first treatment (80 minutes)

£40 for subsequent treament (70 minutes)

£60 for full body MOT (90 minutes)

Fusion Massage:

A mixture of all the above styles of massage; you can pick and choose the various elements in order to create the massage you desire.

deep massage leg massage female relaxing massage female relaxing head massage

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leg massage

Hot and Cold Stone Massage:

A deeply relaxing treatment, the heated stones are used to melt tissue adhesions - areas which will restrict movement.

A full treatment can be relaxing or invigorating.


This treatment is only available at my home studio in Sandy.



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Holistic Treatments:

£50 First Hot Stones treatment (70 minutes)

£45 Hot Stones treatment (60 minutes)

£35 Reflexology/Holistic Massage (60 minutes)

£20 Head/Back/Leg or Taster Sessions (30 minutes)

(Pricing accurate for visits to my home studio)